Food for Thought

Food comes in various forms, shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and taste.

Have you tasted the food of love? What about spirituality? In essence, as for me, spirituality/religion is a source of food. I respect those who have a different opinion. My soul thrives on various outlets for spirituality.

I find spiritual guidance and meaning in nature, in my family, and, yes, in the food I eat. The wonderment of life never fails me.

My grandchildren and great-grandchildren bring me comfort and I am often astonished at their capabilities, and in their presence. Nature constantly keeps me in awe, and I feel contentment surrounded within its arms.

Food brings me nourishment, and a feeling of having eaten morsels that are healthy (sometimes not so healthy), and I feel a spiritual connection, especially during Shabbat and holidays.

The photo above was taken a few nights ago. My plate was filled with food that I totally enjoy, and I inhaled the scents of deliciousness. The Jew in me loves salmon in any form.


Thank you for your visit. -Lorri M.


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2 responses to “Food for Thought

  1. Wonderful sentiments, Lorri, and everything on your plate looks so very fresh and healthy.

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