Tu B’Shvat – Happy Birthday Trees!

Tonight at dusk, begins the celebration of Tu B’Shvat, or New Year of the Trees. It is not a major Jewish holiday, but still a wonderful reason to participate and celebrate this happy Jewish traditional. It will continue through dusk tomorrow.

Some celebrate with a feast of varied fruits and/or nuts harvested from trees. The planting of trees is another custom, especially in Israel, where trees are planted through the Jewish National Fund. It is the like Arbor Day, in the U.S.

Environmental education has grown from this lovely Jewish tradition. Take a moment to reflect on our environment and what we can do to help conserve and preserve our resources.

February 7, 2012 – 14 Sh’vat, 5772

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4 responses to “Tu B’Shvat – Happy Birthday Trees!

  1. I was reading about this on Leora’s blog …it’s good to plant trees and to remember nature…Michelle

  2. Michelle…yes…trees and nature…the best of the best.

  3. I like how you tied Tu B’Shvat into environment education – maybe for next year’s post, I can add some of that to my own post. If the original intent of the holiday was just a marker in the calendar for halachic reasons and now it is about planting and eating fruit, why not expand it even further…

    And see, we did get someone educated who didn’t already know about the holiday (Rambling Woods). How nice.

    • Yes, how nice that Rambling Woods did learn something new. Thank you on the environmental perspective. I had wanted to add some environmental links to both books and websites, but ran out of time. Next year I will do that, if not sooner. I mean, let’s face it, planting trees is a form of environmental awareness, no matter if it is intended for the fruit of the labor (bad pun).

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